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My Coaching Offer

Executive and Emerging Leadership Coaching

The world is changing fast, which means that you need to act faster and certainly smarter. As a leader, you need to develop new skills to help stay calm and centred whilst everything around you changes. With me, a skilled coach by your side, this task becomes significantly more manageable.


Through coaching, you will identify your strengths and weaknesses, improve your effectiveness, and implement strategies that bring meaningful change to you and your organisation. From stakeholder management to strategic development, emotional intelligence and resilience techniques, executive coaching with me has the power to turn good leaders into great leaders.

So, what's it to be?

How clients say they benefit from my coaching:

✔ Recharge and reflect

✔ Improve self-awareness and identify any blind spots

✔ Decompress from the day-to-day pressures of work

✔ Build resilience

✔ Gain perspective

✔ Slow down your thinking to help you focus on what is important

✔ Make better decisions

✔ Gain clarity of thought and purpose

✔Reconnect with your motivation

✔ Better understand the motivations of others

✔ Be more confident in yourself and your work


Iain has helped me see myself far more clearly in a professional context perhaps more than at anytime through my career. This has been a far more self-reflective process than I imagined but incredibly useful. I have come out of the process with far more self-belief and confidence.

Food Company MD, International

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