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About Me

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Over 25 years of Board, Chair and CEO experience

With huge experience in leadership across international and national non-profits, United Nations, education, commerce and public sectors, I bring a wealth of insight and expertise. Working to the ethics and standards of behavior established by the International Coach Federation, I am fully qualified in Executive Coaching and Mentoring (ILM7), Dialogue for Peaceful Change Mediation and Ken Cloke Mediation and Conflict Resolution. I coach sustainability leaders worldwide including national and international NGO leaders, university and college executives, corporate executives, the United Nations, UK House of Lords, next generation leaders and religious orders. Read their testimonials here.

I am a very experienced national NGO CEO, Chair of Board, Conference Speaker, Charity Trustee and Company Director. I've worked nationally and internationally and currently alongside coaching and mentoring leaders, I advise the United Nations on education and the environment. I run a farm, glamping business and an international development enterprise in East Africa. 

With such rich and senior experience, I am ready to advance your leadership for change. 

Iain has an incredible way of balancing a deep sense of empathy and belief in you with a powerful, empowering challenge of your thinking.  Even when asking the tough questions, I feel like Iain is truly on my side, and believes I can succeed.

Childrens Charity CEO, India

My Approach:

My coaching approach goes beyond conquering challenges; it's about thriving amidst them, leveraging them as opportunities for growth, learning, and improvement. Together we will delve into the complexities of leadership, offering the support and wisdom needed to help you scale your influence and your impact resulting in a thriving personal and organisational vision.
From interpersonal dynamics to systemic barriers, we navigate it all with integrity, respect, confidentiality and we might even have some fun! Wherever you are, I’m here for you and committed to your growth and development.

Working with Iain has helped me navigate a significant change in direction professionally, and kept me focussed on what really matters to me.

College Vice Principal, UK

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