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In my role as a CEO in the not for profit/charity sector, I have found Iain to be extremely familiar and empathetic to the context of my role. Iain has an exceptional ability to create an environment of trust, safety and confidentiality. 

CEO Social Inclusion NGO, Ireland


Iain is a great coach with empathy. I felt listened to and encouraged throughout our sessions which have helped me assess my professional concerns and find a way forward. I am very grateful for his patience and wisdom, and I highly recommend him. 

International Wildlife Campaigner

I have found our coaching sessions beyond helpful. Iain's coaching style, always reflecting and empowering, has really been an inspiration to me.

International Development Fundraising Director, NGO, Ireland

The work to become a better leader isn’t easy, but it is so so worth it, and so much easier with Iain at my side as a coach.

Education Foundation CEO, India

Iain very quickly created an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect and his ability to remain open to all the issues I raised, concerning people he was also coaching, was really helpful. Iain in our later sessions demonstrated the capacity to help with more reflective, self-work. He has helped me to touch back in on my strengths and my true north.

Conservation Campaign Director, International


Working with Iain is reassuring. Validating what you don't realise you already know, what can you already see... Revealing that which is obscured by the freneticism of modern life!”

Digital Manager, Conservation, International


For those who might say they are too busy to set this time aside for their own professional growth and development, I would say, this has been time well spent and has been invaluable.

CEO Wildlife Protection NGO, International

Iain has reawakened in me the passion for the big picture which I had lost track of in the day-to-day

grind. Our sessions have become sacred time for me.

Religious Order Executive, International

Coaching with Iain is like having a critical friend who is on my side but wants to challenge me. 

Wildlife NGO Senior Manager, International

Even when asking the tough questions, I feel like Iain is truly on my side, and believes I can succeed. 
Children’s Charity CEO, India

Working with Iain has helped me navigate a significant change in direction professionally, and kept me focussed on what really matters to me.

College Vice Principal, UK

Iain has helped me see myself far more clearly in a professional context perhaps more than at anytime through my career. This has been a far more self-reflective process than I imagined but incredibly useful. I have come out of the process with far more self-belief and confidence. 

Food Company MD, International

Iain's ability to listen actively – without judgement - to ask critical questions and to challenge my own lack of confidence as a leader have been key in achieving the self-belief and clarity required for me tackle my challenges. 

Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation NGO, International

​Iain was really approachable, professional and knowledgeable and the coaching brought the best out in me to tackle a very unusual and challenging change-process in my organisation. 

​Conservation Project Manager, International

It wasn't until I started a coaching relationship with Iain that I realised how powerful coaching can really be.

CSR Director, Engineering Corporate, International

The conversations always help move forward on goals that matter to me.  Iain has a lot to offer the coaching world.

Director, International Development NGO, Ireland

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