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My Mentoring Offer

Executive and Board Mentoring

As a very experienced CEO, Chair of Board, Company and Charity Director, I’ve been in your shoes. As your mentor, my role is to provide guidance, support, and expertise to you whether you are a current or aspiring leader. Unlike coaching, I will be offering insights based on my own experiences, help navigate challenges, provide strategic advice, and offer perspective on leadership, decision-making, and organisational management. I will serve as a trusted advisor, sounding board, and coach, helping you develop your leadership skills, expand your network, and achieve your professional goals.

The benefits of Executive and Board mentoring include:

Guidance and Wisdom: Executives gain insights from mentors' experiences, helping them navigate complex situations with greater clarity. Skill Development: Mentoring provides opportunities to enhance leadership, communication, and decision-making skills through personalised guidance and feedback. Networking: Mentors often offer access to valuable networks, connections, and resources that can accelerate career growth and open up new opportunities. Confidence Boost: Having a mentor's support and encouragement can increase confidence in handling challenges and making strategic decisions. Career Advancement: Mentoring can fast-track career progression by offering guidance on career planning, goal setting, and professional development strategies. Accountability: Mentors hold executives accountable for their goals and actions, fostering accountability and commitment to personal and professional growth. Perspective: Mentors provide an external perspective on issues, helping executives see situations from different angles and make more informed decisions. Succession Planning: Mentoring prepares executives for future leadership roles, ensuring a pipeline of capable leaders within the organisation.

Overall, executive and board mentoring fosters personal and professional growth, enhances leadership effectiveness, and drives organisational success.


In my role as a CEO in the not for profit/charity sector, I have found Iain to be extremely familiar and empathetic to the context of my role. Iain has an exceptional ability to create an environment of trust, safety and confidentiality.

CEO Social Inclusion NGO, Ireland

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