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My Mediation Offer

Empowering Leaders and  Organizations: Transforming Conflict into Growth Opportunities

In today's rapidly evolving world, the demand for mediation and conflict resolution is greater than ever. Workplace conflicts are becoming more costly, consuming up to 25% of managers' time and leading to decreased performance. With pressing global challenges like climate change and biodiversity loss, such losses are unsustainable. Conflict coaching and mediation offer a solution, empowering organizations to transform conflict into growth opportunities. It enhances resilience and fosters sustainable success. 

Navigating Resolution: The Role of Accredited DPC Mediators

As an accredited DPC mediator, my role is to facilitate communication and negotiation as a neutral third party, helping parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Mediation provides a safe and respectful environment for parties to express concerns and perspectives freely. Utilizing active listening and empathy, I understand underlying issues and guide discussions toward common ground and solutions. Through structured processes, I assist parties in exploring options and generating creative solutions, fostering ownership of outcomes and durable agreements.

The evidence is clear that climate change contributes to increased conflict. Global heating and resource scarcity are exacerbating existing fault lines and vulnerabilities, fuelling violence and insecurity. Climate impacts themselves can be a source of conflict, a multiplier of existing risks. Africa is at the sharp edge of this challenge, but weather disruption is being experienced everywhere now diving resource disruption, price hikes, water shortages and people displacement.


Mediators and environmentalists need to build understanding and synergy between each other and connect the worlds of climate/environment and conflict prevention and resolution. I want to help here.


I can help you or your organisation resolve a conflict or design a bespoke conflict resolution system. I can also help you climate-proof your mediated outcomes. Get in touch


Iain's ability to listen actively – without judgement - to ask critical questions and to challenge my own lack of confidence as a leader have been key in achieving the self-belief and clarity required for me tackle my challenges.

Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation NGO, International

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