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Pricing and more..

9 Hours of Coaching or Mentoring over 6 months

Over the span of 6 enriching months, spanning a total of 9 immersive hours, I will be your trusted guide, helping you navigate the complexities of leadership with finesse and confidence.

Flexibility and convenience are at the heart of our approach. With sessions conveniently conducted over Zoom, you can engage from the comfort of your own space, eliminating the need for travel and maximizing your time efficiency. Typically for great impact we will meet online once a month for 90 minutes, but we can meet for 60 minutes, more regularly, if this works better for you.

Invest in your leadership journey today for a brighter, more impactful tomorrow. Join me on Zoom for an unforgettable experience, all for the exclusive price of £1200.

Unsure? Book a free no obligation 30 minute 'discovery' call.

Between Zoom sessions, I offer comprehensive support to ensure continuous growth and development for my clients. Here's how I provide ongoing support: Email Support: Clients can reach out to me via email at any time between sessions. Whether they have questions, need clarification on topics discussed during the sessions, or want to share progress updates, I'm just an email away. Resource Sharing: I curate and share relevant articles, books, podcasts, and other resources tailored to each client's needs and goals. These resources serve as supplementary learning materials to deepen their understanding and reinforce key concepts discussed during our coaching sessions. Assignments and Reflections: I assign personalised tasks and reflection exercises to clients to encourage self-awareness, introspection, and application of learning between sessions. These assignments are designed to reinforce learning, facilitate skill development, and foster accountability. Check-in Calls: In addition to our scheduled Zoom sessions, I offer periodic check-in calls to touch base, address any challenges or concerns, and celebrate achievements. These calls provide an opportunity for clients to receive guidance, encouragement, and support in real-time. Online Platform Access: Clients have access to an exclusive online platform or portal where they can access session recordings, review materials, track progress, and engage with other resources at their convenience. Community Engagement: Depending on client preferences and availability, I may facilitate group discussions, networking opportunities, or peer learning circles to foster a sense of community, collaboration, and shared learning among clients. By providing robust support between Zoom sessions, I ensure that my coaching clients feel empowered, motivated, and supported on their journey towards personal and professional growth.

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