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Leadership can be lonely,    but it doesn't have to be.

I've been in your shoes. The world is changing fast, which means that you need to act faster and certainly smarter. As a leader, you need to develop new skills to help you stay calm and centred whilst everything around you changes. 


As a CEO, Director and Chair of Board, I know that leadership can be a lonely place and you don’t always feel up to the job. Working in government, environmental and international development NGOs, universities, business and the United Nations means I understand your world.


I will be a partner in your progress. With me as your coach, I will believe in you and have your back. 

Change brings opportunity. Whether it is embraced or resisted, I will bring my unique coaching and mediation expertise to support you and your organisation implementing the change you need.

International Development Fundraising Director, NGO, Ireland

I have found our coaching sessions beyond helpful. Iain's coaching style - always reflecting and empowering, has really been an inspiration to me.

My Leadership, Mentoring and Conflict Coaching for a Changing World

Executive and Emerging Leadership Coaching
Turning Good Leaders into Great Ones
Executive and Board Mentoring
Experienced, Visionary and Supportive
Conflict Resolution & Mediation
Transform Conflict into Opportunity
You're a driven leader intent on making more positive impact.


You have a clear purpose and mission. Your goal is to expand even further your vision, career, influence, and impact, sustainably.

As your coach, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

I'll both challenge and support your thinking. I will encourage and advocate your innovative ideas, and I will rejoice in your achievements as you reach new heights of success.


Think of me as a partner in your progress. My coaching, mentoring and mediation provide a confidential and safe space helping you lead change and embrace the opportunity of conflict.

So, let’s do this!
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Iain has reawakened in me the passion for the big picture which I had lost track of in the day-to-day

grind. Our sessions have become sacred time for me.

Religious Order Executive, International

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Coaching with Iain is like having a critical friend who is on my side but wants to challenge me.

Wildlife NGO Senior Manager, International

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A New Era of Leadership

Leadership, and leading change in particular, is incredibly challenging and urgent work. Even the most capable leaders grow weary at times when giving it their all day in and day out.

Coaching will help you manage stress, achieve a work life balance, and overcome imposter syndrome.The urgency of addressing environmental, social, and economic issues demands a new kind of leader who can guide organisations toward a more sustainable future and a proactive strategy for long-term viability and competitive advantage. 

As your coach, I will work alongside you in this ambitious pursuit. Together, we will work towards a fulfilled life, a successful organisation, a safer climate and recovering nature. I believe in you and have your back.

 Even when asking the tough questions, I feel like Iain is truly on my side, and believes I can succeed.

Children’s Charity CEO, India


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